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Do you remember buying your first car?

Did it stay the same after a year? The answer is no!

The same is the case with the metal roofing in your home. Specifically, the coating that is applied on your roofing system is often the thing that gets affected the most!

You need a regular re-coat to keep it in good shape throughout the life of your roofing system.

Let’s find out the 3 types of coatings that your metal roofing needs initially and on a regular basis!

Coating that Helps Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Your metal roofing is most commonly affected by rust and corrosion. If only that affected the aesthetic appeal of the roofing system, perhaps, you could ignore the need for a second coat. However, corrosion affects the waterproofing ability of the metal roof and decreases its service life.

For keeping rust and corrosion at bay, you can use 3 main types of coatings for your metal roof. Apply zinc coatings, aluminum coatings or a combination of these two on the areas where you see apparent signs of rusted metal.

1.    Zinc Coatings

As far as aesthetics are concerned, a zinc coating gives two types of appearances. The first has a shiny finish. The second one has a dull finish.

In case of zinc, the coating is only as effective as it is thick.

2.    Aluminum Coatings

Aluminum coating protects the roof from oxidation. Aesthetically, it presents the look of a matte finish!

3.    A Combination

The combination of both zinc and aluminum coatings is available commercially in the form of Galvalume-coated sheets. As per recent studies, it has been seen that the combination has a much greater and long lasting effect than zinc and aluminum used separately. Another commercial product that has been manufactured through their combination is called Galfan.

Coating that Improves Aesthetics of Your House

This is the second layer of coating that should be applied over the anti-corrosive coating of metal roofing in your home. The main purpose of a paint coating is to improve the appearance of the house. You can choose any number of colors for this type of coating that goes with the construction of the rest of your house.

This type of coating is made from organic or carbon compounds. Common examples of such material include polyester, acrylic and fluorocarbon.

Paint coatings last between 3 to 5 years of application. Therefore, don’t wait a decade to inspect the condition of the paint on your roof. In case, it stays ignored and peels off slowly, the wear and tear on the roof can extend to the anti-corrosive coating underneath.

Coating that Keeps the Roofing System Well-Maintained

After the initial application of the two layers of coatings, you must go for maintenance coating of the roof, to retain the original luster and shine of the first coats. UV radiation, snow, ice, rainfalls and pollution constantly affect the coatings over metal roofing systems. By keeping it renewed, you will make sure your roofing system stays efficient for a long time.

 Keep the metal roofing system in your home protected by fulfilling its coating needs on a regular basis!