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Did you know that metal roofing could save you 40% of your energy bill?

Metal is known to conduct heat. During summers, a lack of heat turns it ice cold and as a result it gains the capacity to lower the temperature of any environment that it comes into contact with!

You can use metal roofing to keep your environment cool and your air conditioning bill low.

Metal roofing can include many features that have incredibly positive effects on your costs and environment!  

1.    Reflective Coating

You can add a reflective coating over your metal roofing to enhance the cooling effects of metal in your home. This type of coating comprises of cool pigments in the coat. They can reduce the surface temperature of the roof. If you live in an air conditioned home, your energy bills will reduce significantly due to this type of coating.

 In fact, with the cool coating you could even survive without an air conditioner!

2.    Ready for Anything!

Houses with metal roofing are mostly certified by the Passive House Certification. Such houses are airtight constructions due to the quality of metal to be an efficient air barrier. Houses with metal roofing also have high quality windows and skylights.

3.    A Great Foundation for Solar Panels

One of the best advantages of metal roofing is that it supports easy installation of solar panels on the roof. There is no need for penetrable attachments to fix the panels on the roof over the metal panels. You can use an impenetrable solution to attach the solar panels on a metal roof with ease.

4.    Recyclable Materials

25% of metal contains materials which can be recycled for future use. By using metal, you are making sure that your environment stays safe from any harmful effects. In addition, the common metal weighs half of asphalt. Due to this reason, your house will have a lighter structure. In this way, you will leave a smaller footprint on your environment.

In comparison to asphalt, metal survives for a much longer time. Asphalt has a life between 12 to 20 years. After that it needs to be dumped because it contains carcinogens which are toxic to the environment. Nearly, 20 billion pounds of asphalt is dumped into the U.S. landfills every year!

Metal is a wise replacement to this atrocity!

5.    Several Options for the Look of Your House

Metal roofing offers many options for those who don’t wish to compromise on the aesthetical appeal of their house. You can choose to make them look like the regular asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shake, or slate roofing. And you can also decide to make a bold statement by selecting a unique color for its coating. Whatever choice you make, your house will have a phenomenal look with metal on its roof!

Modern day roofing systems need more than just protection. Metal roofing provides that and more! Call an expert crew at your home and have the best roofing system installed today!