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Do you think you can weather any storm?

Perhaps, you can, but you may not be able to say the same about your house!

Metal roofing in your home can secure you from most adverse natural calamities. Keep reading to find out how metal roofing can prove to be a savior for you!

1.    Impact Resistant Surface to Ensure Protection against Hailstorms

In the U.S., every year, around 1.6 billion dollars worth of property is damaged due to hail. Your roofing is at the risk of being split, cracked or broken in places due to hail. Since, metal has an impact resistant surface it can avoid all of this damage!

In fact, it is so efficient that insurance companies offer discount to home owners who have installed metal roofing in their homes on their home insurance policies.

2.    Non-Combustible Fire Resistance

You may have seen horrific wild fires. At times, it becomes almost impossible to either contain or put out a wild fire. Many times houses in the vicinity of wild fires are evacuated under the supervision of the State government because they are at the risk of catching fire.

During a wild fire, wind-blown embers can get stuck between the asphalt shingles of houses making them prone to combusting and catching a fire almost instantly. Since, metal is non-combustible in nature, even if any embers are caught on its roof, the house doesn’t catch fire!

3.    Less Impact of High Winds

High winds have the capacity to blow off entire roof panels. Sometimes, these winds are accompanied with heavy rain falls. In this case, houses don’t only suffer from blown off panels but they also have to deal with water damage to their roof.

A metal roof has tightly fixed roof panels. This makes it nearly impossible for any chances of the panels blowing away. Unless, they have been affixed by an inexpert crewman, it is highly unlikely that a metal roof will be disturbed by wind. Metal panels can handle a flow of wind of up to 140 mph.

4.    Safety in Coastal Areas

Metal roofing with steel coatings can protect your home from tropical storms. Steel, zinc, copper and aluminum coatings can survive in the toughest of the weathers. It will keep your home safe from the harshest marine conditions.

5.    No Fear of Fire from Lightning

Thunderstorms are accompanied by lightning that does maximum damage to houses. Lightning generally strikes a house based on several factors such as the height of the building in comparison to the one beside it, the topography of the area and the number of thunderstorms that occur in a particular area.

If you live in an area where lightning strikes frequently, then you must install metal roofing in your home. Metal is conducive to lightning, therefore, it reduces the chances of combustion and the resultant fire from such combustion!

Your house is your sanctuary. Keep it well-protected with metal roofing from damage that is otherwise uncontrollable! Install the roofing type that best serves your home.