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Imagine inviting a few guests over at your place for tea. While you’re expecting a compliment from your guests about your home and how beautifully everything’s decorated, you receive a rather negative comment over your worn out roof!

It would have been better to arrange everything inside the house!

Can you really hide your roof from people, though? The answer is no!

But how do you get rid of the wearing out asphalt shingles? Or is it possible to install metal roofing over the asphalt?

The answer to that question is yes!

Keep reading to find out how!

1.    The New Code

Many building codes now allow the application of a two-layer roof in houses. The code has been updated due to a major issue that most houses had to deal with. Asphalt shingles which are used very commonly in house roofing have a life which is less than 20 years.

If you just bought a house that was built about 20 years ago, its roof would be nearly falling off by now. As someone who just moved into the house, it would be very hard for you to bear the expense of tearing off the whole roof to install a new one!

Metal roofing basically prevents the tear off. This saves your cost and the amount of work that needs to be done on the house. According to building code, you can use a two-layer roof in your house by laying the metal roofing over the worn out asphalt roof.

2.    Investment for Life!

For you, a metal roof is the investment of a lifetime since it stays durable for over 50 years. You can choose any type of steel that you find suitable for your home including copper, zinc and aluminum! It will protect your home in extreme weathers and stay efficient for a long period of time.

3.    Install a Steel Shingle System

Generally, when you are installing metal roofing, you have to add standing metal seams on your roof. They run through the entire length of the roof from the eaves to the ridge. If you will try and add them over the asphalt shingles, the effect won’t be very fruitful or attractive.

You need to use metal shingles that you can easily place over the existing asphalt ones.

4.    Add Metal Shingles Over a Framework

A better metal roofing system is installed over a 2x2 framework. In this system, the frame is screwed to the rafters tightly. Then, the shingles are interlocked with the frame. Due to this double fixation, the whole structure can handle winds up to 120 mph. With the framework in place, you won’t find a single scratch on your roof.

The frame can create a flat structure despite the fact that the shingles are curled. Due to the existence of the frame, you can create ventilation gaps in the roof that can prevent ice dams. In addition, your house and roof stay cool during summers.

A worn out roof is no longer a problem for you! Cover it up with metal roofing with ease!