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Until you determine the root cause  behind a particular problem, you are never able to completely get rid of that problem.

The same situation arises when your metal roofing begins to show leaks suddenly. You must know the exact reason behind the leakage in a particular area on your roof in order to fix it.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons for leakage in the metal roofing of your home so you can determine how to fix them!

1.    Fault in the Screws

While setting up the metal roofing system, the driving of screws may be faulty. You wouldn’t see it immediately but a leaking roof will certainly indicate the wrongly driven screws. Underneath each of the screw heads there is a rubber washer that prevents possible leaks through the holes made for the screws.

If the screws are over driven, the washer is compressed two tightly and as a result spills out by its sides. In this case, the washer is at the risk of getting damaged rather early and making room for leaks.

Sometimes, the screws are under driven. In this case, they are totally inefficient. In some cases, you may also notice the screws to be misaligned. This leaves a significant room for rain water to leak into the house through the roof.

You must check all the screws properly to make sure that a little fault like this doesn’t become a liability for you in the future.    

2.    The Short Life of the Sealant

Sealant never lasts for a long time. This is a reality that you must accept as quickly as possible. It will wear out in about 3 to 5 years. It needs to be replaced on a regular basis. If you want the whole roofing system to stay intact for a long period of time, keeping the sealant in check must be your first priority. As soon as it becomes loose, you will notice leakage in your roofing system.

3.    Installing Seams and their Overlapping Issues

Metal roofing supports standing seams. However, you can choose to add perpendicular horizontal seems in addition to the standing ones. In fact, you can even choose to add metal panels.

Just make sure that they overlap properly. While fixing them you have to ensure that the thin lip goes over the fat lip. A small mistake in overlapping can cost you big time and you will have to deal with leaks that could affect the entire roofing system and shorten its life.

4.    Problems with Flashings

Stack flashings are there to support the metal roofing in your home. However, when they get rotten or crack in places, you can have a very difficult time keeping leaks from seeping into your house. The best idea is to replace these flashings when they are rotten or getting there.

Now that you know where to look, you can easily have the leakages in your metal roofing fixed. Call an expert crew and get the job done today!