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Imagine you are sitting in your living room on a fine Sunday morning, reading the newspaper while you serve yourself a hot mug of coffee! The rich, delicious smell of the coffee already does half of the job of waking you up.

You are just about to take a sip from this amazing concoction when suddenly a drop of water falls straight into your mug!

Almost instinctively, you look up to see that the roof is leaking!

It is finally time to install new roofing!

Metal roofing is one of the most durable and resilient roofing to go for! However, while installing it you can face many problems. To find out how to solve common installation problems with metal roofing, keep reading!

1.    Fastening Screws

Installing roofing is the job of an expert. Novices make the silliest mistakes. Sometimes, the simplest task of fastening screws becomes a challenge because the person carrying it out doesn’t know what he’s doing!

Screws that are fastened too tightly never hold the roofing right. They end up damaging the washers. If they are too loose, the roof panels might get dislodged at the slightest of pressures, whether they have to fight wind or water!

Use the right size of nut driver to fix the screws with efficiency and as much force as needed.

2.    Falsely Fixed Flashing

When attaching flashing, many people leave the seams open. This happens because the panels don’t overlap in the right way. The short lip of the panels must always go over the fat lip for their correct installation! If there is a mistake in the panel lapping, you will leave a seam open.

Inappropriate flashing installation can damage the roof when winds are slightly high. In case of windstorms, entire sections of the roofing can blow off!

3.    Pipe Leaks

When you are installing flashing to cover the pipes, make sure you don’t leave any room for the water to leak out through the cracks in the flashings. You won’t have to deal with any leaks if the flashings were installed properly!

4.    Application of the Sealant!

It is a common misconception that in order to prevent leakage, caulking should be used. Many people suffer a lot because caulking doesn’t contain the leaks. Only proper flashing can do that. Even if you do install caulking use the sealant on its underside to prevent its exposure to sunlight. It will last a long time that way.

5.    Sizing of the Overhangs

Sometimes, roofing panels overhang by the edge of the roof. As per expert recommendations, the panels should not overhang any more or less than 1 or 2 inches. If there is a variation in the size of the panels, there is a risk of drainage problems.

Likewise, all panels should overhang at the same length.

You may have the talent for many things but don’t depend only on yourself for installing roofing in your house. Always hire professionals for a flawless and long-lasting experience!