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Joints are the weakest parts of our body! They are always at the risk of more damage than the rest of our bones.The same holds true for a roofing system!

Specifically, in metal roofing systems, where two points are joining, they are at a greater risk of damage than the rest of the roof. This is where flashings come in handy. They play a major role in keeping your entire metal roofing system intact.

Let’s take a closer look at the role that flashings play in increasing the lifespan of your roofing system!

Waterproofing for Some of the Exposed Areas

A roofing system protects several flat surfaces of the roof of your house. However, other areas that are not so easy to maintain can get easily corroded due to continuous effect of rainfalls and regular weather-driven wear and tear.

You can use flashings along the roof dormers, joints, skylights, chimneys or elevated vents. These areas open up on the outside leaving a lot of room to let water inside the roofing system even if there is a small gap in their joints.

Flashings can cover these areas quite well and waterproof them as a result. Different forms of flashings can be created for several areas of the roofing system. For instance, you can use a particular type for eaves, another one for the chimney and quite a different one for the skylights.

All flashings will serve the same purpose of waterproofing the area that they have covered.

The Importance of Flashings

Since flashings waterproof certain areas on the roof, they practically ensure that the metal roofing is not affected by any kind of rust or corrosion. In addition, if water seeps through the joints into the walls of or leaks out into your house, you can imagine the amount of damage it can inflict on your house’s interior structure.

Identifying Problems with the Flashings

There are two main signs that you need to look out for to find out if something is wrong with the flashings on your roof.

1.    Rattling Sounds

In majority of the cases, the rattling is caused by loose metal flashings that ought to be in place but they have been blown away due to heavy winds. Either way, if you hear a rattling sound you should check it right away.

2.    Leakages

Another thing that signals damaged flashings is the appearance of leakage in your roof. It might take you some time to notice but your roof may be leaking in several places if the flashings have been misplaced or damaged. 

Flashings protect your metal roofing. If you want your metal roofing to retain a long life, keep inspecting the flashings on a regular basis! Book an appointment with the experts and get the job done right!